Take A Bow Corbyn

News just in, people are still as daft as they’ve ever been. This time the outrage is around the Queens speech and why Jeremy Corbyn didn’t bow as he entered the House of Lords.

While it’s customary for the House of Commons to bow as they enter it’s not a custom that has been strictly followed for some time, as pointed out in the Independent article

For a while it has been protocol for only the speaker and officials to bow on behalf of the House of Commons, so while it’s being argued online who got it wrong technically neither of them did, the protocol of MP’s not bowing is after all only recent over the last several years.

Still it is funny seeing who made a big deal out of it…

Nigel Farage had something to say

As did the Leave EU page

It makes you wonder if people actually know the protocol but are just creating a narrative and conversation, after all a wrong story is still a story and with an audience who are not thrilled by Jeremy Corbyn it’s often just a moment to vent some steam and express disgust.

But then again maybe not, my mother always said “Dont assume mallice when stupidity is more plausible,” plus in Nigel Farage’s case he’s never actually won a seat in the commons so it could be safe to assume he doesn’t actually know.


Now the Daily Mail is a whole other kettle of fish, you can safely assume that they probably know the protocol and know it’s not a big deal, they are not as stupid as people think. Also they even report on the protocol in the article yet having added a sensationalist spin they struggle on through with the waning narrative…

I could be wrong about the Daily Mail but i know bullshit when i see it.

The Metro reported on his failing to bow but explained the custom…

The Sun presented it as him failing to bow but then went on to explain that the protocol is still uncertain…

The Express were just generally gunning for Jeremy and called him a NATIONAL DISGRACE…

The Daily Star mentioned Tim Farron not bowing either but completely failed to mention that so did Boris Johnson so it seems there’s some confirmation bias.

All of the right wing papers mentioned the protocol yet still subtlety presented the information in a way that would cause a reaction, most of their readers are opposed to the Labour leader and see him for his Marxist and revolutionary sympathies so this was probably the perfect news story to get their readers going in the eyes of the media.

It does however bring to question how these papers sell so well, it’s often painfully obvious that they are biased but at the same time they do seem to provide most of the relevant information, people seem to be buying them for the headline and the spin.

But it wasn’t just right wingers who got it wrong, there were a few neutral sources that also got it wrong, UK Politics reported on it but realised they were incorrect after some criticism so it’s not just the right who do this…

The UK Politics page deleted the original post and updated their audience after

Even some of the left got it wrong too, when the story first came out it was still assumed that he was usually required to bow and was going against protocol by not doing so. Eventually apologists and corbynistas started popping up to defend him saying stuff like “No he didn’t refuse to bow he was still walking into the room with the crowd” to which others replied “No he wasn’t he arrived in the room at the same time as Theresa May!”

Even when the narrative was wrong people were willing to defend him and be wrong twice but that’s just people for you, luckily we have those who look stuff up and double check information otherwise it would still be assumed he broke protocol and I still probably would be right now believing it myself if it wasn’t for some random bloke on the internet.



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