Labour and the IRA (Media Timeline)


Rewriting history
The Telegraph – Revealed Jeremy Corbyn and John Mcdonnell close IRA links (10.10.2015)
The Spectator – Jeremy Corbyn should not be allowed to rewrite the history of his support for the IRA (17.05.2016)
Belfast Telegraph – Jeremy Corbyn’s three decades of comfort and aid to the provisionals (18.05.2017)
City A.M. – Jeremy Corbyn can’t rewrite his reprehensible IRA history (31.05.2017)

1983: Jeremy Corbyn joins Labour party
[Sinn Fein London visit]

1983 Sinn Fein meeting organised by Corbyn

[12 October 1984: Brighton Bombing]

An attempt to assassinate Prime Minister Margeret Thatcher killing 5 and injuring 31

Wikipedia – Brighton Hotel Bombing
The Guardian – How the Guardian Reported the 1984 Brighton Bombing (03.10.2014)
Time – How the Brighton Bombing 30 years ago Portended Peace (12.10.2014)
Youtube – Brighton Bomb
Youtube – To kill the cabinet: BBC Brighton Bomb Documentary 1986

26 October 1984: Two weeks after brighton bomb Jeremy Corbyn invites IRA members to Houses of Parliament

The Glasgow Herald 17.12.1984


Controversial Labour Briefing Article supporting the IRA with a young Diane Abbott in the photo

[Troops Out Protest 1986]

Sunday Times Article

The Telegraph – Jeremy Corbyn claimed nato was a ‘danger to world peace’ and was arrested at an IRA linked protest (14.05.2017)
Belfast Telegraph – Labour leader Corbyn defended over Troops Out arrest (15.05.2017)

[Wolfe Tone Society meeting 1987]

Sunday Express 1987

Belfast Newsletter – Night Jeremy Corbyn stood in honour of dead IRA terrorists (14.10.2015)

[Poppy Day bombing]
Wikipedia – Remembrance Day Bombing

Early Day Motion 24.11.1987

Controversial motion where Labour MPs blamed the British government for the Poppy Day Massacre
The Telgraph – Revealed: Jeremy Corbyn blamed IRA’s Poppy Day Massacre on British ‘occupation’ of Northern Ireland (27.05.2017)
Belfast Telegraph – Poppy Day bomb victim says Corbyn should resign over 1987 motion (29.03.2017)
Enniskillen deserves investigation like Bloody Sunday: victims daughter (22.05.2017)

[1989 Elected Authorities Act]
Wikipedia – Elected Authorities Act
The Sun – JEZ’S DEFENCE OF IRA Jeremy Corbyn and his close pal Diane Abbott tried to block laws forcing would be councilors to renounce IRA (14.05.2017)

Sands/Connolly Commemoration 1991

Bloody Sunday March 1992

[1994: Members of Parliament condemn 1974 Birmingham bombing]
UK Parliament – Early Day Motion 28: Bombing in Birmingham November 1974 (16.11.1994)
The Independent – Jeremy Corbyn signed a motion to condemn IRA violence in 1974 (29.05.2017)

Jeremy and Gerry house of commons 1995

[1995: Corbyn Banned From Speaking in a Terror Debate]
The Sun – SHUT DOWN Jeremy Corbyn was once banned from speaking in a commons terror debate because he was ‘too close to the IRA (22.05.2017)

[15th June 1996: Manchester Bombing]

Aftermath of the bombing

Wikipedia – Manchester Bombing
ABC – A look back at the 1996 IRA bombing in Manchester (23.05.2017)
Youtube – Bombing in Manchester

[1996: Planned visit cancelled by Adams]

[Sinn Fein members enter Parliament causing a major security risk, Corbyn, Livingstone and Simpson “read the riot act”]
The Independent – How Sinn Fein strolled through Westminster (22.11.1996)

[10th April 1998 – Good Friday Agreement]

Signed by Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern

Wikipedia – Good Friday Agreement
BBC History – Good Friday Agreement

[Jeremy Corbyn Sinn Fein events]

Jeremy regularly speaking at conferences and attending memorials according to Anphoblacht (Sinn Fein/former IRA newspaper)
Anphoblacht – London to mark Bloody Sunday, Saturday 22nd January (13.01.2000)
Anphoblacht – Bloody Sunday public meeting, Sunday 6th February (03.02.2005)
Anphoblacht – London public meeting : What next for the Irish peace process? Wednesday 27th June (14.06.2007)

London Irish Centre in Camden 2008

Anphoblacht – Stars and MP’s turn out for first ever Sinn-Fein London dinner (19.11.2009)

[7th June 2010: Mcdonnell makes a joke about assassinating Margeret Thatcher]
The Guardian – John Mcdonnell applogises for Margeret Thatcher assassination comment (08.06.2010)

[Mcdonnell steps down from leadership campaign and backs Diane Abbott]

Anphoblacht – 1981 hunger strike 30th anniversary|London conference, 18th June (14.07.2011)

[Tony Benn’s Funeral]

BBC – Tony Benn funeral: mourners gather at Westminster (27.03.2014)

[Coffee with Sinn Fein]

Jeremy Corbyn with members of Sinn Fein in Parliaments Cafe

The Telegraph – Corbyn sips coffee with ‘comrades’ Gerry Adams and Martin Mcguinness in Parliament (21.07.2015)

[Jeremy Corbyn leadership candidate]

[Corbyn Fails to condemn IRA after being asked 5 times in a radio interview with Stephen Nolan for Radio Ulster]
The Independent – Jeremy Corbyn is criticised by victims’ families after failing to condemn the IRA (06.08.2015)

[Jeremy Corbyn Labour Leader]

[John Mcdonnell Shadow Chancellor][Diane Abbott Shadow Home Secretary]

[Mcdonnell’s past resurfaces]
The Guardian – John Mcdonnell applogises ‘from the bottom of my heart’ for IRA comment (17.09.2015)

[Outrage over Mcdonnell’s Thatcher joke resurfaces for a third time after footage showing him joking about the incident to an audience]
The Telegraph – Mcdonnell caught in a second Thatcher assassination row as old footage shows him joking idea has massive support (25.07.2016)

[Sinn Fein assistant IRA sing song]
The Mirror – Jeremy Corbyn risks row over plan to hire Sinn Fein staffer (14.12.2016)
Evening Standard – Jereny Corbyn aid ‘sang song with IRA killer’ (15.12.2016)
Belfast Telegraph – Controversial Corbyn aid ‘sang IRA songs in bar with convicted terrorist’ (17.12.2016)

[Christmas message backfire]
Daily Mail – Jeremy Corbyn’s Christmas message to the armed forces backfires when furious viewers dub him ‘communist Corbyn the IRA terrorists’ friend’ (29.12.2016)

[Stormfront dissolution]
The Independent – Jeremy Corbyn ‘ignoring Northern Irish political crisis in case IRA sympathy claims resurface’ (19.01.2017)

[Martin Mcguinness Funeral]

Daily Mail – ‘Tell that to the people of Enniskillen’: Fury as Corbyn pays warm tribute to IRA killer Martin Mcguinness as a ‘great family man’ (21.03.2017)
New Statesman – If the Tories want to attack Jeremy Corbyn on the IRA, evoking Martin Mcguinness won’t work (30.05.2017)

[MI5 Files]
The Telegraph – Exclusive: MI5 opened file on Jeremy Corbyn amid concerns over his IRA links (19.05.2017)
The Independent – MI5 ‘kept file on Jeremy Corbyn over his IRA sympathies’ (20.05.2017)

[Mcdonnell applogises for IRA Comment again at a press conference]
The Telegraph – John Mcdonnell applogises for praising IRA and claims he did everything he could to secure peace (19.05.2017)
Huffpost – John Mcdonnell IRA apology does not excuse ‘insensitive and hurtful’ comments, says bomb victims dad (19.05.2017)

[Sophy Ridge Interview (Sky News)]
The Telegraph – Growing row over Jeremy Corbyn’s links to the IRA as he refuses 5 times to condemn the militant group (21.05.2017)
New Statesman – No Jeremy did not refuse to codemn the IRA. Please stop saying he did (22.05.2017)

[Right Side of History?]
The Telegraph – Gerry Adams says Corbyn on ‘right side of history’ despite his refusal to condemn the IRA (22.05.2017)

[Statement from Corbyn’s Office]
The Metro – Jeremy Corbyn has finally called the IRA terrorists (22.05.2017)
The Sun – ‘THEY WERE TERRORISTS’ Jeremy Corbyn’s office insists the Labour Leader believes the IRA were terrorists and their bombings were wrong after he praised their ‘bravery’ (22.05.2017)

[Jeremy Corbyn Andrew Neil Interview]
The Independent – Jeremy Corbyn insists ‘I never met the IRA’ in grilling by BBC’s Andrew Neil (26.05.2017)
The Spectator – The three lies that Jeremy Corbyn told Andrew Neil (27.05.2017)
Irish Times – Jeremy Corbyn: ‘I didn’t support the IRA. I don’t support the IRA’ (27.05.2017)

[Diane Abbott LBC Interview]
Ian quizzed Diane Abbott about her track record and she wasn’t happy about it (27.05.2017)

[Diane Abbott BBC Interview]
The Independent – Diane Abbott suffers new car crash interview trying to defend Corbyn over IRA claims (27.05.2017)
The Independent – Diane Abbott refuses to say she ‘regrets’ calling for IRA to defeat the British state (28.05.2017)
The Telegraph – Diane Abbott on claims she supported the IRA: ‘It was 34 years ago, I used to have a splendid Afro’ (28.05.2017)
Belfast Newsletter – Corbyn refuses to say if he warned Abbott off ‘IRA Interview’ (04.06.2017)

[Jeremy Corbyn Preston on Sunday Interview]
Daily Mail – Jeremy Corbyn FINALLY admits he has met with convicted members of the IRA after denying he ever met with the terror group (28.05.2017)

[Election Special]
The Independent – General election 2017: Jeremy Corbyn confronted over attending a meeting ‘honouring’ dead IRA members (29.05.2017)

[Question Time]
The Telegraph – BBC Question Time Special: Jeremy Corbyn heckled over 9Trident and IRA (02.06.2017)

[’74 Bombing]
Belfast Telegraph – Corbyn ‘ignorance’ over ’74 IRA bombing ‘shocking’ (06.06.2017)

The Herald – John McLellan: Why Corbyn’s IRA views should be dissected (01.06.2017)
Irish Independent – Even now Jeremy Corbyn struggles to fully condemn the IRA (04.06.2017)

Criticism – Politicans and notable figures

Criticism – Victims and families
The Independent – Jeremy Corbyn is criticised by victims’ families after failing to condemn the IRA (06.08.2015)
Belfast Newsletter – Father of boy killed on IRA bomb criticises Jeremy Corbyn (24.04.2017)
Warrington Guardian – Jeremy Corbyn slammed for failing to apologise ‘for links to IRA’ on Warrington visit (26.04.2017)
Huffpost – John Mcdonnell IRA apology does not excuse ‘insensitive and hurtful’ comments, says bomb victims dad (19.05.2017)
Enniskillen deserves investigation like Bloody Sunday: victims daughter (22.05.2017)
The Guardian – Corbyn plans to speak to families of IRA Hyde Park bombing victims (22.05.2017)
Belfast Telegraph – Poppy Day bomb victim says Corbyn should resign over 1987 motion (29.05.2017)

Ian quizzed Diane Abbott about her track record and she wasn’t happy about it (27.05.2017)
Corbyn’s history with the IRA is important… and it’s wrong: James O’Brien (29.05.2017)

Guido Fawkes
Corbyn refuses 5 times to condemn IRA (24.05.2017)
Corbyn lies: I never met the IRA (26.05.2017)
Corbyn – IRA attack video hits million views (27.05.2017)
Ian Dale reads Guido’s Corbyn IRA list to Diane Abbott (27.05.2017)
Corbyn admits meeting IRA killers (28.05.2017)


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